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Veronica Instant Photography
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We capture the essence of your event by providing you with not just photos, but memories and keepsake.

VIP pictures are printed on-site with the fastest and best photo printing technology available. We turn your special event into an instant memorable time.

We “brand” your events photos, and also offer custom designed borders featuring your company logo or event information. You and your guests will have instant souvenirs to remember the special day.

Depending on the extent of customization detail, pictures can be printed in as little as 10 seconds.

For the Event Planners utilizing our services, be assured your clients and their guests will be treated courteously and professionally and all orders are delivered as promised. We do not interrupt the flow of your planned events.

The name "Veronica" comes from the Latin vera, meaning "true" or "truthful", and the Greek eikon, meaning "image."
Let us add flavor to your Special Events
* On-Site Studio
* On-Site Printing
* Digital File upload
* Instant Souvenirs
* Affordable Events        Coverage
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