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Veronica Instant Photography
On-Site Quality Prints

 Our professional onsite digital photography and printing service allows your guests to immediately purchase single or multiple copies of prints in a range of sizes. Our most popular print sizes are 5" x 7" and 8"x 10". 
These photos can also be provided to you on a CD or posted to our website for future viewing or personal use.

To best serve you, we recommend that guests purchase their images at an event rather than on our website due to administrative charges and shipping and handling costs.

 Purchasing pictures directly at the event allows you to get the most for your money.

Rather than have party favors that could create a mess or end up under the bed in a few weeks, you can have instant pictures for all your child's friends that they will have forever and parents can appreciate. 

All our photos are printed onsite, so your guests never have to wonder if they will see the pictures again. 

Veronica Instant Photography offers the perfect souvenir for your party guests.

In many circumstances, Veronica Instant Photography can pay you a generous commission based on our day’s sales to support your club/charity. 
It does not matter if your fundraising event is business related, social, or personal, VIP can provide you with a service that your guests will cherish.

Special Events  and Private Parties 
Charity & Fundraisers

Birthday Parties
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Please contact us with your specific requests, and we will prepare a free estimate.
Or for more information, call us at:  818.825.9059

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Click on Thumbnails to view Pictures.
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