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Veronica Instant Photography
On-Site Quality Prints
Our wedding reception services have become very popular, and with this arrangement you do not incur any extra expenses in your wedding budget. 

From our experience, using our services as wedding favors will cost you less than buying gifts for each individual guest. Think about your guests who had to travel a long way for your special day; they are always very grateful to go home with high quality printed photos taken with their family and friends. 

As part of our wedding reception package, Veronica Instant Photography will set up our portable studio with a background of your choice, allow the guests to review the pictures immediately after they are taken, then print the pictures onsite for the guests to enjoy before the night is over. 

Veronica Instant Photography can work alongside other photographers or videographers that are commissioned to cover specific aspects of a wedding. Our only requirement is that you have a minimum of 50 guests at your wedding.

Rather than have wedding favors for guests that they might not use or remember, you can give them instant pictures from your special day that they will cherish forever. 
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